Sunday, September 20, 2015

Diet Changes - Customized Paleo? Low Carb, Dairy Free

I just updated the blogging world about my happiness and love. As this blog is Health, Happiness, and Love, it's time for an update on my health.

I started my focus into healthy eating when I was a new mom and hubs was newly diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. We began learning to cook with veggies, meats, and dairy, and cutting down on the carbs. We learned a lot, cut the processed foods, and started eating much better.

Where am I now? My diet went downhill when we started focusing on moving. We gave in to the pressures of keeping up the house and getting things together, and ate lots of quick convenience food. Once we moved to Florida, I was determined to get my health in check. I was working out almost daily and eating very well. All summer, I was sick more often than I was well, and I stopped exercising because of it. I'm determined now to figure it out.

By method of elimination I've decided that dairy is one thing that has been bothering me. I slowly started eliminating it from my diet, and am working to continue doing so. I tried Lactaid tablets, and seem to still be getting sick. I picked up lots of non-dairy foods and plan to cut it entirely from my diet. I'm still getting sick some, but waiting to see if cutting out dairy makes it better. My sister cannot have high fructose corn syrup, so I'm guessing I'll try that next.

Between the diabetes and the dairy issues, I'm looking for some new recipes. My new hunt is low carb, dairy free. I guess that makes it almost paleo, but with some grains and carbs. I plan to take paleo recipes, doctor them up some, and make them work for me and for my family. I had my first success tonight, adapting The Preppy Paleo's Spinach and Meatball Casserole. I'll link to it below, but hopefully next time I make it I'll measure what I use and pass it along here.

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