Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Run This Year

So on one of the blogs I follow, Fitness, Health, and Happiness, there was a reference to "Run This Year 2014." The concept is that you run 2014 miles in 2014. Am I going to do that? Hell no.
However, there is an option to add your own challenge. As I'm trying to get myself into running, I decided I would log 100 miles in 2014. Notice, I said "log" and not "run." I'm going to let myself run/walk like I have been, because I don't want to set a goal that's too lofty starting out. I want to motivate myself to keep going and following along, and I want to keep these healthy habits.

Run This Year 2014 is free to join, and you just go to their page to keep logging miles. They will send out periodic mileage reports as well as have some giveaways and such during the year. I think with the custom challenge, anyone and everyone should join and at least try to do something. I'll be your accountability partner! Keep following along on here, and I'll make a point to post the "Run This Year" banner and link to the blog every time I log miles. As of right now, I'm only logging what I have in my RunKeeper app, which is 3.92 miles. If you decide to sign up, please comment and let me know! Follow along with me and we'll keep each other updated on our miles. Even if you decide to just do a half mile a week, it's great to step out of your comfort zone and set a goal!

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