Monday, February 10, 2014

Trudging Through the Hard Days

So.. yesterday was rough. Even though Sunday is the Bikini Body Mommy rest day, I tend to have super busy Saturdays, so I usually rest on Saturday and make Sunday my cardio day.

During the week, I have my Zumba class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for my cardio, but on the weekends, I usually try to do a walk/run around the neighborhood (or on the trails if it's nice) with one of the dogs. We have two labradors. Miles is almost 5 and around 90lbs, and Molly is almost 2 and around 60lbs. I usually choose to run with Miles because he is a much better running partner, but then Molly usually flips out when he's gone. I usually go running during one of AE's naps, so if Molly is flipping out, she wakes the baby.

Yesterday we had plans in the afternoon, so I decided to run in the morning. I chose to take Molly with me for the first time, because AE was napping and I knew Miles wouldn't flip out on his own and wake her up. I didn't really think about the fact that it was 26 degrees and I don't have legit running gear, and I just put on some sweat pants, a thermal long sleeved shirt, and my sneakers and went out the door. Let me add that I have also NEVER been a runner, and actually even got myself excused from the 15 minute mile in gym class and did mine in more like 20-25 minutes.

So back to yesterday. I grabbed Molly and out the door we went. First issue: Molly is a PUPPY and I forget that. It was almost like every time I really got into it, she would see something interesting and STOP dead. Second issue: she kept tripping over her leash, so as we got farther along, I had to hold my arm out so that the leash was held straighter and she had less of a chance to trip. Third issue (yes, there's more): I start getting sick about a half mile in. Let me remind you, I am NOT a runner. I have never run in the cold like that, and I thought I could just go out there and make it happen. Bad idea. I started getting nauseous and my chest started hurting, so I already had decided to cut it short and aim for about a mile total, rather than the 2 miles I usually go for. Fourth issue: on our way back, Molly slams into my leg, and I almost completely trip over her. Ugh. Needless to say, by the time I got home, I was totally over working out.

Got home, felt really sick. Water didn't help, hot shower didn't help. I was wheezy and felt like I couldn't breathe. Finally, after a while, I started feeling better. Why am I going into the drama of my bad workout day on here? To keep myself accountable and Keep Going! It sucked, yes. It does not mean I need to stop running (or attempting to run) outside. I think I've finally figured out my 30 day reward. I am going to go out to the outlets today and try to find a cold running outfit for future cardio days. I also apparently need to take Molly out more often and train her to not kill me when running.

BTW -- What is it with labradors and trying to run into you? Miles always runs right in front of me too. I have to be careful not to trip over him too.

And for anyone interested in my pathetic "Fastest Mile Ever!" here is a screenshot from my running app.

Today was strength again, and we had a KILLER leg workout. My legs are burning just sitting in bed typing this. Got to keep the motivation going! :-) Anyone reading along have cold weather running tips, please share!

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