Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting Past the Hurdle of Hating Working Out

I hate being active. There, I said it. I hate working out, running, getting my butt off the couch.

When I finally start being active, I love it... for a second. A couple minutes in, I feel like I'm gonna die. At that point, I can either stop, and just totally give up for the day, or I can drink some water and push through.

After completing a workout I didn't want to do, I usually feel awesome. So for me, the challenge lies in A) Getting up and moving, and B) Sticking with it to the end. It's hard to get going, knowing I hate it so much. Particularly when my alarm is going off at 5:15 in the morning and I just want to roll over for another hour of sleep.

The last couple of weeks, I've had to try much harder to get my butt out of bed and do my workouts. Last week, I hated my BBM workout, so it was twice as hard. It's time to get back into it! Yesterday's workout was challenging, but fun. Today, I took advantage of the fact that Zumba is tonight and stayed in bed 'til the very last second. I am incredibly sore today, and in reality, I would have definitely benefited from getting out of bed when my alarm went off and doing some YouTube Yoga.

So today, I need to refresh my drive, get some motivation. I'm going to start a pinterest board of motivation pictures I can look at when I'm starting to fall off the wagon. I'll do what I need to in order to keep that spark going. Hopefully tomorrow I'll drag myself out of bed in time to work out, make breakfast, and get to work.

On that note, I am THIRTY days into Bikini Body Mommy. Am I drinking the Kool Aid? No. Am I totally happy with the program I'm doing? No. Am I going to do BBM again? Maybe, maybe not.

But I'm working out! I'm getting back into it! I cannot wait to finish BBM and figure out my next plan of action. I plan to treat myself to a Bosu when I finish, and I think I'll pick up some of the workouts from when I did physical training, and try to incorporate those on my strength days. I'm LOVING doing Zumba, and am hoping to be able to continue that with the Rec Dept.

I'm also eating better! When I have a snack attack, I reach for an apple or some nuts. I'm still a sucker for sweets, and totally ate way too much on Superbowl Sunday, but it's just one weekend. I can bounce back. Moderation is key.

I'm so proud of the changes I'm starting to see and the person I'm forcing myself to become. I can't believe I am one third of the way done with BBM, when I was sure I'd be quitting it just like everything else I've tried. Follow along as I find the new, healthier me.

Motivation image: http://www.thefitnessfashionista.com/in-a-workout-slump-heres-a-little-motivation


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    1. Thank you! :-) I love writing it. I wish I had more time to write all of the posts that I have in my head. ;-)